Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Authentic Venetian Plaster Remains a Popular Choice for Homeowners

Many homeowners are going away from more traditional styles of painting and opting for Venetian plaster. Initially, the thought of the Northern Italian city that inspired the name comes to mind. However, Venetian plaster has evolved into a term that denotes a certain type of technique and style used in plastering in Christchurch NZ.

It is first important to point out the differences between genuine Venetian plaster and the synthetic varieties. Genuine Venetian plaster uses a mixture of marble and lime and those natural materials will not fade over the course of time. Synthetic versions cannot make the same claim.

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Living room with multiple styles of plastering decor on walls and ceiling. Venetian accent sections made to match the marble floor.

The Venetian plaster style was created centuries ago, but the same techniques are still used in the modern era. It requires a specialized skill as the application of plaster is done in thin layers. Those layers are then built up to produce both a texture and depth provides the same appearance as marble or other stone.

Once the Venetian plaster is applied and finished, the benefits go beyond just the aesthetics. As previously stated, Venetian plaster remains extremely durable and cleaning is also a very simple process. Venetian plaster requires no maintenance and while it looks like natural stone, it is not even close in price. Decorating homes in natural stone and marble is significantly higher in cost.

However, not just anyone can perfect the art of Venetian plastering. It takes an experienced, professional plasterer to get it just right. For that reason, it is a little pricier than other painting or plastering options. But it is an investment that will last and not require any kind of fees in order to maintain its upkeep. Owners of higher-end homes typically invest in Venetian plaster as it is well worth the price.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, Venetian plaster is not limited to certain colors and it also provides a lot of depth. Experienced plasterers have the ability to use some creativity tin the projects they take on. That is why it is important to check the credentials when it comes time to hire a company to add Venetian plastering on your home.

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