Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Decorative Molding Adds a Special Touch to Your Home

Part of decorating a home involves those extra special touches that make the interior truly stand out. While some homeowners may overlook those finer details, it’s those details that can be the difference between an ordinary home and an extraordinary one. Decorative molding is one way to finish off the inside of a home with an extra special touch. Here are some examples of decorative molding that can really boost your home decor Christchurch NZ.

Crown Molding

This type of molding is usually wood and connects to the wall just under the ceiling. One function of crown molding is to hide the seams that connect each wall to the ceiling. However, it can also give the appearance of more height within a room. Rooms that are rather drab can also upgrade their appeal with the inclusion of crown molding.


Several rooms in a home have walls with openings that are not equipped with a door. Many of those openings are bordered with casing, which is a type of woodwork. The casing runs all along the edge of the opening and not only protects the surface of the wall, but also adds a visual appeal. 

ellaborate crown molding design and wainscoting


This is a term that describes wooden paneling on the lower part of a wall, which helps provide large walls with a more decorative appearance. There are different designs available as this is a bigger type of molding than crown molding or casing. Wainscoting can also be used on the top half of a wall, although crown molding is recommended when going with that option.

Chair Rail Molding

This molding is typically the same height as a chair and runs across a wall. Chair rail molding can be used as a kind of divider that separates two different colors on a wall. With IEX, we will make sure you know all your option before we begin any home painting and home decor services. The most common width of chair rail molding falls between two and three inches. It also comes in a variety of designs.

Baseboard Molding

This type of molding is installed on the bottom of walls and extends down to the floor. Baseboard molding wraps around a room and can be considered the room’s foundation. There are many different designs as baseboards are an important decorative component within a home.

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