Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Different Kinds of Home Exterior Earthquake Repair

Earthquakes can quickly turn a beautiful home into a much less appealing sight. But the damage to a home’s exterior does not have to be devastating for it to look much worse than it actually is. Fortunately, there are affordable solutions for different kinds of homes that have sustained their share of earthquake damage.

Timber Homes

Many timber homes made of weatherboard have done a good job of withstanding recent earthquakes in New Zealand. The most common damage to weatherboard homes was hairline cracks, which calls for a relatively easy external repair that requires filling those gaps. This type of problem can also affect older homes that did not sustain any earthquake damage. Modern homes that are made of linear board also experience similar types of problems during earthquakes. 

Brick Homes

The damage done to a brick home following an earthquake are rather apparent as there are gaps between the bricks instead of having them flush against one another. The repair process is not too complex as it requires the raking out of the old bricks and replacing the damaged ones. A specialized plastering system is also applied. The same process is also used on homes that are fronted with stone or cement.

Plaster Clad Homes

It is not uncommon for homes made of plaster clad to sustain earthquake damage. The damage usually presents itself in surface cracks. The severity of that damage is determined by the width and depth of those cracks. Plaster clad home repair is not problematic as long as those cracks are not too severe. The cracks are covered with a flexible elastomeric paint and then covered with an exterior paint. Some cracks that are more severe in nature and need to be re-plastered.

Hardie Board Homes

Hardie Board is a fiber cement home siding that has been known to sustain a fair amount of damage during earthquakes. Even aftershocks have been known to damage homes that are made of Hardie board. Replacing this type of exterior requires replacement boards as well as caulking and then it is capped off with repainting. It is important to always use a caulk that is paintable. Something many home repair amateurs tend to overlook.

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