Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Latest Interior Painting Trends for Home Décor

A lot of effort can go into the design of each room in a home and that extends to selecting the appropriate paint design. There are lots of home painting options to provide a unique feel in every room, some more elaborate than others. Here is a look at the latest interior paint trends that can boost your home décor in Christchurch NZ and beyond. 

Add an Accent

One way to give a room character is to accent one of its walls, which means painting it a different color than the other three. It is important to use a color that complements the other three walls. Accents give the room more appeal while also looking more spacious. Accents are also becoming more frequently used in various parts of a room, such as on a windowsill or shelving.

Soften Things Up

Among the most popular colors for the interior of a home are soft tan, soft green and soft blue. Soft tan is able to match up well with many other colors. Soft blue is supposed to create a sense of calm while making the room feel bigger  and brighter. Just think, the sky is the limit with soft blues. Similarly, a soft green color elicits tranquility. Natural soft green tones can also invoke a grounded, balanced feeling. Both soft blue and green have proven to be a safe step up from the more ordinary whites, tans or greys. 

White Out

Painting a room all white provides more light and can also give the appearance of a larger space. This motif can be used in both classical and contemporary designs. White comes in a variety of shades, so there are still important choices to make when whiting out a room.

Paint the Ceiling

There is no reason every ceiling in your home has to be an ordinary white color. Adding a bold color to a ceiling will give the room an entirely different feel. A brightly colored ceiling is a way of providing a truly unique mood. However, keep in mind that a darker colored ceiling may make a room seem smaller while lighter colors do the opposite. Sky blue is sometimes recommended as the best color for a larger feel. Various plaster designs can be utilized to add even more character to a ceiling.


Painting every wall in a room one color is not the only option. It is now becoming more popular to paint the top half of a wall one color and then paint the bottom half another color. There is also the option of painting a wall 2/3 one color and then using another color for the bottom 1/3. That contrast provides a unique look all of its own.

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