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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Interior Painting Techniques to Enhance Home Décor

Painting the interior of a home does not have to be limited to simple up and down brush strokes. There are numerous painting techniques that bring to life the interior of a home. Here is a look at a host of ways in which painting can upgrade your home décor.

Sponge Painting

You do not need to be an artist to be an efficient at sponge painting. You can use a combination of colors and there is no wrong way to do it. Too little of a color at one point and too much at another point make for a truly unique design of its own. Paint is mixed with glaze and an actual sponge is used to apply the mixture onto a wall. Practice on primed wood and test out different sponges for your favorite look.


The purpose of distressing is to provide an aged look and is commonly used on cabinets or vanities, as well as on some types of furniture. Distressing actually uses a combination of two colors, one to serve as a base and another to serve as the color that is sanded down to provide a worn or aged look. The second color is sometimes applied with a “wash” technique instead of sanding.


A harlequin pattern involves painting diamond shapes on a wall, which are often used to create a unique look in rooms designated for children. There are tools needed to create these diamond patterns, although there are endless possibilities when it comes to color schemes. Though this pattern looks best in soft or neutral tones as these shades soften the sharp-edged design.


This technique is used to create the appearance of wood grain on a wall. A wood graining tool is needed to produce this effect. Two colors are typically used, one which is a lighter shade of a similar color. When using the wood graining tool, it is important to add some slight but sporadic twists of the wrist so that the lines are not completely uniform.


This creates a unique texture that appears to have depth. However, it is not an easy task for painters without extensive or professional experience. A paint brush specifically designed for stippling is used to produce a finish that comes out almost velvety. It is also important to paint up and down when using this technique.

IEX External Plaster & Construction is staffed with a team of professionals who are experienced in using an extensive amount of painting techniques. House painting in Christchurch NZ can take on a whole new meaning with IEX’s innovative techniques that can give your home’s interior an extra special finish.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cosmetic Earthquake Repair Essentials

Earthquake repair does not always mean there is a need to rebuild the entire structure of a home. A good amount of damage can be fixed with some quick cosmetic repairs such as external plastering. This process is best left in the hands of a professional as reputable companies will always adhere to the following protocol when making cosmetic earthquake repairs.

Assess Structure

There is always a need to assess the entire structure for its integrity prior to starting any type of cosmetic repairs. A failure to do this could make for a very dangerous situation for occupants of a home or business structure.

Identify Damage

This is not relegated to identifying cracks and plastering over them on the exterior of a home. Painting over damage is another way of hiding damage and compromising the safety of everyone within a home. Cracks need to be identified and filled before any cosmetic work can begin.

Attend to Timber Slats

Homes that are made of timber often sustain damage to its slats during an earthquake. Some of these slats can remain in place, just as long as their surface is both level and solid. This will allow for a plasterboard fix to follow.

Remove Wall Liners and Sand Surfaces

All types of decorative wall liners are required to be removed and all surfaces are to be sanded down prior to the application of plaster. It is also important to refrain from plastering over wallpaper within a home.

Prepare to Plaster

Simply slapping some plaster onto a surface is not an adequate method for cosmetic repair. It is integral to make sure that all surfaces that are intended to be plastered currently adhere to the surface coatings. That plaster must also fully dry before the time comes to add any new coats or to begin painting.

Maintain Safety Requirements

When hiring a professional service to conduct any type of cosmetic earthquake repair in New Zealand, safety is a priority. Companies that specialize in this type of work have satisfied all the New Zealand safety requirements. A current license is also available and can be presented directly to homeowners. 

Here on the south island of New Zealand, IEX External Plaster & Construction sets the standard and follows every appropriate step when conducting its earthquake repair. If your home is in need of earthquake repair in Riccarton, contact the team of professionals who relies on years of experience and expertise. Affordable rates and great Christchurch earthquake repair is just a phone call away at IEX.