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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Latest Interior Painting Trends for Home Décor

A lot of effort can go into the design of each room in a home and that extends to selecting the appropriate paint design. There are lots of home painting options to provide a unique feel in every room, some more elaborate than others. Here is a look at the latest interior paint trends that can boost your home décor in Christchurch NZ and beyond.

Add an Accent

One way to give a room character is to accent one of its walls, which means painting it a different color than the other three. It is important to use a color that complements the other three walls. Accents give the room more appeal while also looking more spacious. Accents are also becoming more frequently used in various parts of a room, such as on a windowsill or shelving.

Soften Things Up

Among the most popular colors for the interior of a home are soft tan, soft green and soft blue. Soft tan is able to match up well with many other colors. Soft blue is supposed to create a sense of calm while making the room feel bigger  and brighter. Just think, the sky is the limit with soft blues. Similarly, a soft green color elicits tranquility. Natural soft green tones can also invoke a grounded, balanced feeling. Both soft blue and green have proven to be a safe step up from the more ordinary whites, tans or greys.

White Out

Painting a room all white provides more light and can also give the appearance of a larger space. This motif can be used in both classical and contemporary designs. White comes in a variety of shades, so there are still important choices to make when whiting out a room.

Paint the Ceiling

There is no reason every ceiling in your home has to be an ordinary white color. Adding a bold color to a ceiling will give the room an entirely different feel. A brightly colored ceiling is a way of providing a truly unique mood. However, keep in mind that a darker colored ceiling may make a room seem smaller while lighter colors do the opposite. Sky blue is sometimes recommended as the best color for a larger feel. Various plaster designs can be utilized to add even more character to a ceiling.


Painting every wall in a room one color is not the only option. It is now becoming more popular to paint the top half of a wall one color and then paint the bottom half another color. There is also the option of painting a wall 2/3 one color and then using another color for the bottom 1/3. That contrast provides a unique look all of its own.

The latest paint trends can be yours with IEX External Plaster and Construction as it is the one and only stop for house painting in Christchurch NZ. The IEX team provides quality workmanship in addition to expert advice on all the latest ways to get the most out of your house painting experience

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Authentic Venetian Plaster Remains a Popular Choice for Homeowners

Many homeowners are going away from more traditional styles of painting and opting for Venetian plaster. Initially, the thought of the Northern Italian city that inspired the name comes to mind. However, Venetian plaster has evolved into a term that denotes a certain type of technique and style used in plastering in Christchurch NZ.

It is first important to point out the differences between genuine Venetian plaster and the synthetic varieties. Genuine Venetian plaster uses a mixture of marble and lime and those natural materials will not fade over the course of time. Synthetic versions cannot make the same claim.

marble, white marble, stone, stone finish, plaster finish, plastering styles
Living room with multiple styles of plastering decor on walls and ceiling. Venetian accent sections made to match the marble floor.

The Venetian plaster style was created centuries ago, but the same techniques are still used in the modern era. It requires a specialized skill as the application of plaster is done in thin layers. Those layers are then built up to produce both a texture and depth provides the same appearance as marble or other stone.

Once the Venetian plaster is applied and finished, the benefits go beyond just the aesthetics. As previously stated, Venetian plaster remains extremely durable and cleaning is also a very simple process. Venetian plaster requires no maintenance and while it looks like natural stone, it is not even close in price. Decorating homes in natural stone and marble is significantly higher in cost.

However, not just anyone can perfect the art of Venetian plastering. It takes an experienced, professional plasterer to get it just right. For that reason, it is a little pricier than other painting or plastering options. But it is an investment that will last and not require any kind of fees in order to maintain its upkeep. Owners of higher-end homes typically invest in Venetian plaster as it is well worth the price.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, Venetian plaster is not limited to certain colors and it also provides a lot of depth. Experienced plasterers have the ability to use some creativity tin the projects they take on. That is why it is important to check the credentials when it comes time to hire a company to add Venetian plastering on your home.

IEX External Plaster & Construction staffs a team of trained professionals who can offer the very best in Upper Riccarton Venetian plastering. We also provide other types of expert plastering and painting on all kinds of home. When you decide it’s time to beautify your home with professional plastering in Upper Riccarton, contact the team at IEX NZ.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Earthquake Repair Solutions in Christchurch

Residents in the city of Christchurch can firmly attest to the fact that an earthquake could strike any time and without warning. While the actual quake may only last a few seconds, the rebuilding process can take a whole lot longer.

Christchurch, earthquake damage, earthquake repairs
Back in 2011, Christchurch experienced a 6.3 earthquake that claimed 185 lives and destroyed approximately 170,000 buildings. That did not account for all of the buildings that sustained partial damage as there were many that needed some kind of home painting and repair work.

The insurance claims process has been an arduous one that has been drawn out over years. The end result has left many residents with homes that are not completely safe for habitation. It has put homeowners in a difficult place as they are forced to endure frustrating wait times.

Some claims have been slowed to the point where they will extend into 2017. Meanwhile, some of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the 2011 quake were ‘red zoned’ in the aftermath, which meant that it was deemed very unlikely that any homes in that area could be rebuilt.

That fact, coupled with the uncertainty of receiving an insurance payout, has even led some residents to develop cases of PTSD. The 2011 quake was only part of the problem as the aftereffects have also taken a toll on people’s lives. New Zealand recovery efforts also dimmed in comparison to the efforts extended in other major countries.

However, there are manageable solutions people can seek through private repair. IEX External Plaster & Construction is willing to work with Christchurch residents in an effort to repair homes that sustained earthquake damage.

IEX does not build homes from the ground up, but can attend to problems with a home’s exterior. That includes plastering and painting to get your home back to normal. At IEX, we know many people who were affected by the earthquake, which provides us with a personal interest.

Part of the rebuilding process has to do with being proud of your home and IEX can make that happen by offering affordable rates to our clients. The rebuilding process has come without being able to depend on insurance payouts and government help. That is why it is imperative for Christchurch businesses, like IEX, to be there for its residents in their time of need.

For the very best exterior plasterer and painter, contact IEX today and let us help get your life back to normal.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Different Ways of Painting Can Increase the Interior Appeal of a Home

Painting the interior of a home can add to its appeal, but interior house painting goes beyond just adding fresh colors. Here is a look at a variety of interior home painting techniques that can boost the overall appeal of a home.

Enhance Your Entryway

Entering a home offers an immediate impression of the interior décor. Just because the walls are one color, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some complimentary colors to the door, doorway or surrounding trim. Also, keep in mind that paint can start to wear in an entryway and some fresh colors can prove to be a welcomed first sight among visitors.

Liven Up Your Basement

Painting is an integral part of any finished basement and it is generally important to upgrade the light in that lower level room. One option is to paint the ceiling white, which will serve the purpose of allowing the remaining colors in the room pop a little more. Bright paint on the walls is another way of bringing in more light and it also works well with a pristine white ceiling.

Stairways of Color

Staircases that are not topped with rugs or carpet do not have to remain a wood color. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to painting a staircase and that starts with painting the actual stairs. And remember that the paint you select needs to be able to withstand a lot of traffic, so it is wise to choose one made for that specific purpose. There is also the option of adding accents by painting the banister the same or complimentary color.

Deciding on a Color

Many homeowners decide on paint colors by using paint swatches. However, this is not the best way to get a sense of how a color will look inside your home. A better alternative would be to paint a small portion of the wall and gauge how that looks. There is also the alternative of painting a poster board and then using that as a type of large swatch in order to decide whether or not that color works for you.

IEX External Plaster & Construction helps its customers with expert tips such as these as we continue to provide top-notch house painting in Upper Riccarton. Our team of painters combines years of expertise and experience to ensure that every client is afforded the very best house paining Upper Riccarton has to offer.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Interior Painting Techniques to Enhance Home Décor

Painting the interior of a home does not have to be limited to simple up and down brush strokes. There are numerous painting techniques that bring to life the interior of a home. Here is a look at a host of ways in which painting can upgrade your home décor.

Sponge Painting

You do not need to be an artist to be an efficient at sponge painting. You can use a combination of colors and there is no wrong way to do it. Too little of a color at one point and too much at another point make for a truly unique design of its own. Paint is mixed with glaze and an actual sponge is used to apply the mixture onto a wall. Practice on primed wood and test out different sponges for your favorite look.


The purpose of distressing is to provide an aged look and is commonly used on cabinets or vanities, as well as on some types of furniture. Distressing actually uses a combination of two colors, one to serve as a base and another to serve as the color that is sanded down to provide a worn or aged look. The second color is sometimes applied with a “wash” technique instead of sanding.


A harlequin pattern involves painting diamond shapes on a wall, which are often used to create a unique look in rooms designated for children. There are tools needed to create these diamond patterns, although there are endless possibilities when it comes to color schemes. Though this pattern looks best in soft or neutral tones as these shades soften the sharp-edged design.


This technique is used to create the appearance of wood grain on a wall. A wood graining tool is needed to produce this effect. Two colors are typically used, one which is a lighter shade of a similar color. When using the wood graining tool, it is important to add some slight but sporadic twists of the wrist so that the lines are not completely uniform.


This creates a unique texture that appears to have depth. However, it is not an easy task for painters without extensive or professional experience. A paint brush specifically designed for stippling is used to produce a finish that comes out almost velvety. It is also important to paint up and down when using this technique.

IEX External Plaster & Construction is staffed with a team of professionals who are experienced in using an extensive amount of painting techniques. House painting in Christchurch NZ can take on a whole new meaning with IEX’s innovative techniques that can give your home’s interior an extra special finish.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cosmetic Earthquake Repair Essentials

Earthquake repair does not always mean there is a need to rebuild the entire structure of a home. A good amount of damage can be fixed with some quick cosmetic repairs such as external plastering. This process is best left in the hands of a professional as reputable companies will always adhere to the following protocol when making cosmetic earthquake repairs.

Assess Structure

There is always a need to assess the entire structure for its integrity prior to starting any type of cosmetic repairs. A failure to do this could make for a very dangerous situation for occupants of a home or business structure.

Identify Damage

This is not relegated to identifying cracks and plastering over them on the exterior of a home. Painting over damage is another way of hiding damage and compromising the safety of everyone within a home. Cracks need to be identified and filled before any cosmetic work can begin.

Attend to Timber Slats

Homes that are made of timber often sustain damage to its slats during an earthquake. Some of these slats can remain in place, just as long as their surface is both level and solid. This will allow for a plasterboard fix to follow.

Remove Wall Liners and Sand Surfaces

All types of decorative wall liners are required to be removed and all surfaces are to be sanded down prior to the application of plaster. It is also important to refrain from plastering over wallpaper within a home.

Prepare to Plaster

Simply slapping some plaster onto a surface is not an adequate method for cosmetic repair. It is integral to make sure that all surfaces that are intended to be plastered currently adhere to the surface coatings. That plaster must also fully dry before the time comes to add any new coats or to begin painting.

Maintain Safety Requirements

When hiring a professional service to conduct any type of cosmetic earthquake repair in New Zealand, safety is a priority. Companies that specialize in this type of work have satisfied all the New Zealand safety requirements. A current license is also available and can be presented directly to homeowners. 

Here on the south island of New Zealand, IEX External Plaster & Construction sets the standard and follows every appropriate step when conducting its earthquake repair. If your home is in need of earthquake repair in Riccarton, contact the team of professionals who relies on years of experience and expertise. Affordable rates and great Christchurch earthquake repair is just a phone call away at IEX.