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Monday, November 13, 2017

Faux Plastering Provides Plenty of Options

Faux plastering breaks through the boundaries that exist with conventional painting and allows for some unique finishes in or outside a home. There are a variety of faux interior and external plastering options to choose from and here is a look at the types of faux plastering that can transform your residence.


Different from metallic paint, metallic plaster has a greater amount of thickness and is offered in a variety of colors. The effect provides a shimmery smooth look that resembles a shiny metal. Metallic plaster is not applied with a roller, but instead uses a trowel. There is also the potential to create a rather dramatic finish and that is contingent upon the contrast within the skim and texture coats.

Sand Texture

A sand texture finish is not possible to achieve with regular paint as it is raised just a bit off the surface of the wall. The touch of a sand texture finish is actually a bit gritty, just as the name would suggest. The process is a rather simple one and the cost is rather inexpensive compared to other forms of faux plastering.

Brushed Suede

This type of faux plastering gives a wall the look of actual suede. It is typically identified with a look of sophistication as it can serve as an elegant backdrop for any room in a home. A specialized roller is needed during the application process.


This style can last a lifetime and transform a room with an old world finish. Venetian plaster is capable of lasting for years and will not need any new coats, which is customary with home painting. There are some paint companies that make Venetian plaster and these paints will not produce the same effect as a faux Venetian plaster.


Antique plaster allows homeowners to turn back the clock and create an antiquated look in the room of their choosing. Once the plaster is applied and dried, it is then spot-sanded. This creates different textures and there is a wealth of possibilities. This kind of look that can also be adjusted to fit a wide variety of tastes.

IEX External Plaster & Construction can use all kinds of faux plastering techniques to beautify your home. For the best plastering service Upper Riccarton has to offer, contact the team of experienced professionals at IEX. We also specialize in house painting in addition to a variety of other services.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Plastering Rules to Follow in the Summer Months

There are several important aspects every homeowner should know when plastering a home, even before hiring a professional plasterer Christchurch. One important aspect is dealing with the conditions in the summer months. This time of the year presents different challenges, particularly when it comes to humidity.

It does not have to be bright and sunny for the humidity to be on the rise. That is why homeowners need to take into consideration the fact that the summer months can have an effect on plastering a home. When the air is humid, plaster takes a longer amount of time to dry. The key is to have patience and let the plaster dry naturally.

Many homeowners will be inclined to speed up the process by using a dehumidifier. This actually will serve the function of speeding up the drying process, although it will negatively impact the plaster finish. Keep in mind that plastering is meant to last for a long time and the curing process solidifies that long life span. Rushing the drying time with a dehumidifier defeats the overall purpose and can lead to premature cracking in the not so distant future.

Part of the decision-making process includes choosing a style of plaster, although homeowners need to be educated on more of the ins and outs of this process. Plastering is very different from painting and there are important steps to follow. One of them is to let the plaster dry naturally. If that means that homeowners need to close off a room or be out of the house for an extra day or two, then the proper accommodations should be made. Otherwise, the final product will be compromised.

Some plastering services might not warn customers about this issue because that could mean more future business for them. However, that is not the most ethical approach to take. A plastering company with integrity will be sure to relay this kind of information to the customer before any work begins. If the customer chooses to ignore that advice, then any future repercussions are on them. This is also a way of making sure there is no way a customer can claim faulty workmanship. 

IEX External Plaster & Construction takes the time to educate its customers on every component of the particular service they request. IEX has an ongoing commitment to provide the top plastering service in Upper Riccarton and the surrounding communities. When you decide on plastering your home, go with a name you can trust.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Choosing the Best Paint Color for Your Home Décor

When it comes to choosing a paint color for your home, there are several factors to consider. Here is a look at some tips that could help you select the right color for every room in your home. These are tips that every home painter Christchurch NZ should consider before buying paint.

Nature Colors

Panoramic or floor-to-ceiling windows are popular for those who have the luxury of looking out to a picturesque nature view. Those rooms can benefit from green and blue colors which are brought in from the various outside nature views. These colors can make for an exceptional addition to a room with a view of the sea or bright green shades of nature.

Lots of Light

Many homes are treated to beautiful sunrises. However, when those rooms welcome in early doses of sunlight, it means that the room will not be as bright throughout the rest of the day. Choosing a color that is light will increase the amount of natural light within a room long after the sun has stopped peeking in your windows.

Neutral Tones

Rooms that are going to be filled with various color patterns are best served with neutral tones. If you are looking to fill a room with accents or colorful artwork and furniture, then neutral colors for the walls provide an excellent complement. Tans and grays are best used in rooms as a base as it allows homeowners to decorate with a whole lot of colorful flare. Installing crown molding in these rooms can make them feel all the more luxurious and sophisticated.

Themed Guest Rooms

Many homeowners tend to get a little creative with the theme of their guest room. Deciding on a theme will make it easier to decide on a color. It is also important to consider how much light will be in the room as guest bedrooms are often intended for sleeping, so it is not always common to go as light as possible.

Whimsical Colors

While many rooms in a home contain warm, soft or neutral tones, it is not uncommon to unleash a blast of color in one room or on an accent wall. This will set that room aside and make it stand out, whether you are looking for a loud orange, sensual burgundy or subtle lavender. 

IEX, External Plastering & Construction, can take care of all types on interior painting to provide your home with the utmost appeal. For the very best house painting Upper Riccarton and the surrounding areas have to offer, contact the experienced team at IEX today.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Decorative Molding Adds a Special Touch to Your Home

Part of decorating a home involves those extra special touches that make the interior truly stand out. While some homeowners may overlook those finer details, it’s those details that can be the difference between an ordinary home and an extraordinary one. Decorative molding is one way to finish off the inside of a home with an extra special touch. Here are some examples of decorative molding that can really boost your home decor Christchurch NZ.

Crown Molding

This type of molding is usually wood and connects to the wall just under the ceiling. One function of crown molding is to hide the seams that connect each wall to the ceiling. However, it can also give the appearance of more height within a room. Rooms that are rather drab can also upgrade their appeal with the inclusion of crown molding.


Several rooms in a home have walls with openings that are not equipped with a door. Many of those openings are bordered with casing, which is a type of woodwork. The casing runs all along the edge of the opening and not only protects the surface of the wall, but also adds a visual appeal. 

ellaborate crown molding design and wainscoting


This is a term that describes wooden paneling on the lower part of a wall, which helps provide large walls with a more decorative appearance. There are different designs available as this is a bigger type of molding than crown molding or casing. Wainscoting can also be used on the top half of a wall, although crown molding is recommended when going with that option.

Chair Rail Molding

This molding is typically the same height as a chair and runs across a wall. Chair rail molding can be used as a kind of divider that separates two different colors on a wall. With IEX, we will make sure you know all your option before we begin any home painting and home decor services. The most common width of chair rail molding falls between two and three inches. It also comes in a variety of designs.

Baseboard Molding

This type of molding is installed on the bottom of walls and extends down to the floor. Baseboard molding wraps around a room and can be considered the room’s foundation. There are many different designs as baseboards are an important decorative component within a home.

When it is time to add decorative molding in your home, contact the professionals at
IEX External Plaster & Construction. Installing decorative molding in Upper Riccarton has never been easier as IEX offers a wide variety of choices.